Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Blues

I have the serious blues today...I think it's because I have to go to work tomorrow:(:(

Miss S and I went to the zoo yesterday with my sister in law and her kiddos. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. The animals were SO rambunctious!

Sweet cousins:

Flamingo love:

My L.O.A.D. entry for today:
(another zoo trip!! Though this one was Miss S's kindergarten field trip last year)(and no, the sun did not come out today!!)

And a swap:
I recently participated in a needle book swap and these are the lovelies that I received. Aren't they all fantastic! And the styles are so different. I love them.


monique(moki) said...

oh you know you're just blue because you didn't spend a gossipy 2 hours with me at church ;)

post the contest here for all your blog friends to vote ;)

Jackie said...

Sing it sister! I'm feeling pretty blue myself and I don't know why - the kids go back to school tomorrow and I should be able to get stuff done, but today all I can do is hang out and feel bad. (Probably the weather isn't helping). Cute pictures and layout and I LOVE those needlecases!!

Lucy said...

Love your new look--blog and haircut!! Looks great :)
The Sunday blues after vacation are the worst but never fear....this to, shall pass!! Enjoy the rest of the evening with your fam and it'll be all right.

Christy said...

Sorry you're blue Raesha! I'm at the other end of the spectrum...DS goes back to school tomorrow! I cannot wait to have five minutes of peace and quiet in the house. :)

Miss S and her cousin are quite adorable.

MéLisa said...

Ugh I know how you feel! I was blah all weekend but I think that's cause I have the head cold thing back! UGH! How cute is Miss S?? Goodness! Hey are you getting snow in Abq? Cause it is snowing like crazy up here!!! I guess that I am going to need to leave extra early for work today. :(

happy zombie said...

I asked Santa to bring your more time off from work. I wish he'd get on the ball and deliver it!

I wish you didn't have to go to work. :o(