Sunday, July 01, 2007

More Birthday Goodness

I told you....I was REALLY spoiled this year for my birthday:) I'd be lying if I said I didn't love every minute of it:) (have I already said that? - I think I have:)) I am really tired tonight so please forgive me if these pictures are a little out of order. My keyboard is acting up too....and it's NOT making me happy:):)

My sweet Moki surprised me with a wonderful bag of goodness for my birthday. Up first - my very own Pug Princess!! The detail is amazing and I still can't believe Moki made her!! I haven't named her yet - I'm toying with Penelope or Priscilla - any suggestions??
A beautiful charm with the words "believe" and "love" -two of my favorite words - I hope to make/buy a wonderful chain to put this on this week.

And some lovely vintage metal cookie cutters - she remembered that I had mentioned that I loved metal cookie cutters but didn't have any that had the handles. She gave me to awesome fabric in the background too. I think it will be perfect for a new bag:) Thank you Moki!!!
I received my Three Favorite Things swap from Cristina - she sent some beautiful stationery that I can't wait to use, Philosophy eye and lip cream (YUM!) and a very cool Beatles book. Thank you!!!

I received some good mail from Brandie this week: ) There are 50 of us in the Good Mail Girls club and we randomly send out treats in the mail to each other. She sent me a cool ME notebook and grape soda lip balm. Have I mentioned I am a lip balm freak? I have over 8 lip balms at my desk at work alone...not to mention all the ones I have in my purse and around the house:)
Mary Ann made me this BEAUTIFUL lunch box...the outside is gorgeous! Just wait until you see what was inside!
My two friends from college - John and Julie bought me a gift card to my favorite bookstore and a new Willow Creek figurine - this one is "friendship" - John, Julie and I have been friends for about 12 years and we get together each year for lunch for Christmas and for each of our birthdays. We've been with each other through marriage, births, deaths, court battles and lots more!!!
Em spoiled me this year too!!! This is only part of the package - awesome Beatles magnets, purple and silver earrings, an anklet with awesome charms on it (I've hardly taken it off:)), socks and a little birthday token charm. She sent a FABULOUS bag and a Yellow Submarine poster too. I can't wait to get a little frame for the poster and hang it up in my office.
My Scrappy Swap hosted by Melly & Me arrived from Susan - all sorts of lovely scraps that are so unlike any of my scraps. Her family just moved back to the states from Jordan and she sent me a bar of soap from Jordan - too cool!! Susan is currently blogless ( you should start one!!!):)

And here's the bag Em sent - isn't it AWESOME!! My two favorite colors and it has lots of fun pockets. It is the perfect size too for all my essentials and my planner. Thank you so much Em! I treasure your friendship and pray for you everyday.
One of my oldest friends, Susan, sent me these goodies. We have known each other since we were about 3 years old. A cool at home spa kit and Porn for Women - if you have not seen this book you have GOT to check it out!! It is so awesome! (it's not nasty at all!!! - truly my kind of porn:))

And here are the contents of the lunch box from Mary Ann - my own set of mini buttons:):), a birthday mini crown, and little crown art set and a beautiful tag. The inside of the box was decorated too!! Thank you so much my sweet blogger sista!!!!

I'm reluctant to let June end - I just wish I was spoiled every month like this:):) I've been in lots of swaps lately too and I'm wrapping those up and taking a little break in July so that I can get caught up. I'm happy to report that my house is cleaner than it has been in months:) I'm slowly wading through my in bin and am now down to 198 emails that I need to respond do, or do something with. That's better than the 402 that I started with this morning.


rohanknitter said...

What a wonderful bunch of goodies! No wonder you are a happy camper. : )

kristin said...

happy belated birthday!! looks like you scored big time!

Fun To Scrap said...

I'm so glad you had such a delightful birthday!
Another special parcel is on its way to you from me. Hope it brings you another measure of joy.

Anonymous said...

You are a popular girl.
Lovely to see all your presents and I see why you don't want June to end. I wish that too but mine is a work related wish. End of our Financial work and that mean lots of work.
"Happy June - for another month"

ScrapHappy said...

What a haul!! good for you!
Hey, if there's ever an opening in the Good Mail Girls club, let me know. That's totally my cuppa.

Katie said...

holy moly you got some great things! If I were you I wouldn't want June to end either!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you have the happiest mailbox in NM!

firstborn said...

yay for you!!! a girl needs to be spoiled & pampered every now & then :)!

xoxo mary ann

Anonymous said...

Fun goodies! I love Mary Ann's lunch box and all of your Beatles stuff!!

Vallen said...

Geez, it sure is nice to be Raesha on her b-day. Best wishes sweet pal of mine.