Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holy Sweet Goodness and I got me a Doll Quilt!

I love the Sweet Goodness Swaps....this round was a Summer Fun Swap - we had to make or decorate a "container" and fill it up with all sorts of fun yellow and orange goodness. My partner was Miss Katie and I love everything she sent me! She decorated a basket with cool ribbon and added a fun lining inside.

Here's what was inside! Handmade picnic placemat for each of us:) Notions, bingo game, funky retro tablecloth, a Nancy Drew for some summer reading and a covered pyrex dish filled with candy...what fun...I have been coveting those cute pyrex dishes!! I love it all - thank you so much Katie:) My package is still in route to her so I won't show any of the goodies I sent her yet:)

And my doll quilt swap arrived for the Doll Quilt Swap II - thank you Sarah! I love love love it. She used vintage fabrics from her aunt and it is SO COOL!!! I have it hanging at the end of our hallway under our engagement picture:)

I've had the day mostly to myself. Miss S is at her last day of Campfire for the summer, Hubby is off taking his final for his summer class and the house is eerily quiet. I have a to do list a mile long but I can't quite get started on anything. I've puttered at my desk, puttered on the computer, stared at the various messes that need to be put away... but instead I just feel blah...I have a nagging headache so I feel like doing nothing. We are going to have dinner tonight with my brother, Shay, and his family so I hope that will help me feel better.


Christy said...

Hey, I used to have that Nancy Drew book!

Very nice swap goodies. :)

Danielle said...

Wonderful swap... I can't wait to see all the goodies you sent her:-)

Katie Jean said...

Oh I'm so glad you liked everything! I can't wait to get your package.

And what a beautiful quilt!

Lucy said...

What a "Sweet" package you received! I like the holders put in place for the utensils--so cool!! Your doll quilt is wonderful've had a lot of great good mail this week!!

Mary Ann said...

Been missing you! Just popping in to say hi!

TinkerBlue said...

What a great package. Love the colour combo of yellow and orange