Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't Hate Me...

because I'm lucky:) Maybe it was all that good karma I saved up with my fun birthday and blogaversary giveaways, maybe it was that I needed a little cheering up this week....either way I was super lucky, not once, not twice, but three times this week.

I won Tami's giveaway for a beautiful mini quilt she made for a Whip Up competition - It is already hanging above my sewing machine. Tami was one of the very first swap partners I had on Swap-Bot and I've been in love with her beautiful blog ever since:)

Then I won this beauty of a gift tag from Amy Elise - it is so cool! And BIG too:):) I think I'm going to use it as a design element on a scrapbook page. She works wonders with paper! Check out her blog and her awesome etsy shop too.

Then look at this gorgeous quilt that was delivered to me on Sunday. It was made for me by Nicole, Moki's sister, who is an excellent quilter. We had a service auction at Enrichment (kind of like a ladies night) at church a few months ago. We all earned points for various things like reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, holding Family Home Evening, making dinner....then we got to use the points like money to bid on a different service that each sister put up for auction. My service was making a boy and a girl baby blanket, Moki's service was a photo get the picture. I bid pretty much my whole kit and caboodle of points on Nicole's service which was to make a lap quilt. I took her a package of Asian fat quarters that I had bought in Durango, she added a few fabrics of her own, and made this quilt for me. It is going to hang above our bed in the master bedroom. We have a little bit of an Asian theme going on in there.

Check out the COOL kimono detailing on the front.

Oh and I almost forgot:) I hit one of my favorite thrift stores on Tuesday and I scored big time!! I found three vintage aprons - one has a tag from the "Japan Apron Association" - I'm going to have to research that, and also two vintage children's aprons. You will not believe how tiny they are. Vintage ribbon, buttons, an old wooden spool, a few other little bits and baubles and this cool pair of shoes also came home with me.

They are Aerosoles, and a brown and red kind of velvety texture - I think they had not even been worn. Shoes were half price this week so these beauties were $2.50. I wore them to work today and my feet did not hurt at all when I got home! (That's a rarity for me:)) I'll take pictures of my other goodies this weekend for you all to see.


Tami said...

I'm glad that you like the little quilt Raesha! :-)

rohanknitter said...

Goodness, you scored big!! You must have been thrilled to win that little quilt, it's so pretty. Both of the quilts are gorgeous, actually!
(cute shoes, too) : )

TinkerBlue said...

Wow. They are beautiful quilts.

And $2.50 for a pair of shoes. How could you not?

Danielle said...

Aren't you lucky!! You deserve it:-)

I got my charms from Dawn's swap today & I was so happy to see one of yours. So cute... everyone's charms are so pretty though, compared to mine. That was my first time making fabric charms.

Everything's so cute, as usual. I would love to see a pic of the aprons.

Lucy said...

wow--super nice mail karma and auction karma for you!! How could anyone hate you for being so generous to others that they want to give back to you?

Enjoy your treasures, old and new!

jess said...

Lucky Duck! You scored big time. Both of the quilts are amazing, I'm glad you got some fun stuff in the mail after having such a fun birthday week!