Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday is a special day

I can hardly see straight cause I was so busy today! Hubby and Miss S are already fast asleep, but I had to take a migraine pill and the caffeine in it is keeping me up. I'm looking forward to a few quiet hours to clean in our office.

Miss S and I started the day at her art class - it was her last session and they made bubble wrap paintings. Soo cute! I told her we would buy a frame and put it on her wall. DRATS - I wanted to post a pic of her picture but I don't know where hubby put the digital camera!!

After a couple quick stops at local garage sales - got a few things, but nothing really amazing - we hooked up with some friends for a pool party for their two daughters who turned 3 and 5 this week. It was an all day party which started at the pool for a few hours, then off to one of their houses for dinner, cake and games. Then home to do chores for a little while. It was hotter than heck today but luckily we did pretty good at applying the sunscreen at the pool and we both only have a few little red spots.

I spent the evening sewing for the Polka Dot Swap I am doing - I made four little items from blue and white polka dot fabric I found in my stash. I'll post photos after the package has made it to its recipient.

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