Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All in all a good day

My birthday was great! I received lots of great presents - I'll post pictures of a few. From my hubby I received a ticket to go see Ringo Starr on July 2 here in Albuquerque. I will go by myself, which believe it or not is my preferred method of seeing concerts. I can make a fool of myself and not worry what anyone is thinking as odds are no one near me will know who I am!!! The CUTE pug card is from hubby and Miss S - we have two pugs so this sweet little image made my heart melt. The asian dining set is from one of my best friends, Miss C - she recently went to San Francisco and surprised me with these goodies from Chinatown. She also made us a delicious cake for my birthday.

Today has been, well, in one word HOT. The weather is hotter than heck and our swamp cooler is on the fritts. Hubby worked on it for a long time, finally got it working and then the motor broke. Another trip to Home Depot tomorrow.

Oh - the top pic is a sample of my most recent craftiness. Headbands for me and Miss S using the free pattern at www.HELLOmynameisHeather.com. Her blog is beautiful!

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hannah said...

firstly, a belated happy birthday!!!

Your hairbands are looking good, I like the bottom one best. I am also loving that chinese dinnerset, are those little flower things to hold the chopsticks together, they are really cute!!