Sunday, June 18, 2006

My first photos

My first attempt to post photos...not sure if I did it right, but this is a learning process!!! I couldn't figure out how to post a comment under each separate photo so I'm just doing them all here.
The three girls are me, Miss N and Moki - my pals and confidants. The picture of that HOT guy and little girl is my very own hubby and our daughter, Miss S. This picture was taken at Miss S's Pre-K graduation last month. The last one is yours truly - I'm hoping to add this to my profile so you see my goofy smiling face everytime you visit my blog.


moki said...

yay! pictures!!!

Amy said...

Great pictures! Your little girl is adorable.

Meleny said...

Hey finally can comment cool!

What a very adorable lil daughter ^_^!!

I believe you can move around the pictures, so you can type stuff under them. I had lots of trouble when I first started posting pics, just play around with things.

ellia said...

oh you all are lovely!!! and gosh, your daughter looks like a lil doll! she is adorable! you all look nice and happy :)

ps u are pretty!