Saturday, August 08, 2009

Strutting Our Stuff

Finally got the chance to do a little sewing today...finished up another shirt and shortened a pair of pants that I found at the thrift store, or maybe Target 75% off, that were way too long. These poor pants have been sitting in my sewing pile for at least six months. Finished them both up in time to wear out to dinner with my sister in law and her family at the new restaurant my brother is working for - Blue Cactus Grill - it's a local place and if you are local you should go check it out:) Tell them Shay's sister sent you:) Yummy, yummy, New Mexican food at good prices.


I had Miss S take a couple pictures of me and then she wanted to pose too:)

Miss S


Miss S


rohanknitter said...

cute pics - great new top!!

em said...

Look at Miss S! A total doll. And YOU are one of my most fav models. :)

Kristen Lee Briggs said...

Aaron and I ate there 2 weeks ago! It was really good! They give you A LOT of food too, which I like!