Monday, August 17, 2009


The times they are a changin....I tell ya....really changin. This has been a summer of change around our little house.

Miss S starts third grade in three days
My brother and his family moved back to New Mexico
Hubby submitted his application to start working on his Master's degree at UNM
My sabbatical ended
A big yard sale and 7 garbage bags went to Goodwill helped us lighten the load a little
My dad turned 60
I started a new job today
Our 16th anniversary is Friday
AND I got new shoes:)

Aren't they cute?? They have just a little wedge heel and just a little peep toe (note to self - time for a pedicure!)


Jan said...

Great new shoes. How was your first day on the new job?

Anonymous said...

Hi Raesha! Sned my your addy and I will mail you and Miss S a charm! I have another batch in the works. Here is my email:

Hugs! Amy :)

monique said...

ahhhh lovely changes! I could some changes ;)

Liz said...

Change is good :) how was your first week at your new job?