Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Last Two Days

I have relaxed, slept in, done a little cleaning, done a few chores, and watched a ton of CSI and CSI Miami. I am feeling a little rejuvenated and ready to face another week. Except I woke up this morning with a raging headache. But thanks to two Excedrin migraine I am already feeling better:)

Friday was my big day ALL alone for most of the day. Hubby forgot I had the day off so he was really surprised to see me at home when he got home from work at about 3:30. Then he proceeded to bug the crap out of me most of the rest of the night. Boys!! Grrr....he was driving me crazy!

Saturday was spent all together, pretty much all day....Hubby just started having Saturdays off after about 6 years of working Saturdays. I'm still not quite used to it cause it totally disrupts the way Miss S and I normally spend on Saturdays. Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with Hubby but I'm still adjusting:) Late in the afternoon he went to the gym, Miss S went to a friend's house, and I watched CSI:) Nice:)

Now for some random photos:

I hit Savers on Friday and had SO much fun! I spent almost two hours there just leisurely looking at everything. I came home with lots of wonderful goodies for not a lot of moolah....

Vintage pillowcases, fabric and three Vera napkins in almost perfect condition. I already washed them and we used them at dinner last night. Just perfect for our little family of three.

Vintage patterns galore...pure loveliness. Some of these will probably appear in my poor neglected Etsy shop....we are going to DisneyWorld in May and I want to have $1,000.00 in spending far I have about $200 saved up so that means I need to get on the ball during the next two months. Ergo, that means I'm going to hopefully list a bunch of goodies in my Etsy shop - just wait until you see something really cool I've been making the last few weeks to sell:):) Totally cool.

And little baby Oreo (who I call Oreo Solorio in my mind - I love you Mon!!) She is getting so big and getting more and more tame. Miss S is still to nervous to hold her but she loves to pet her and give her kisses and play with her while I am holding her. Yes I kiss our gerbil on the lips. But you probably already knew that:)


Karissa Terry said...

Whats your etsy store name? Mine is butI dont have anything posted yet due to no amera :-) But I will let you know.

em said...

You're always so lucky at the thrift stores! The ones nearest me area always so picked over before I manage to get there.

I LOVE Disney World. We've been there so many times, I'm almost embarrassed to say. I hope you have a wonderful time.

happy zombie said...

Oreo Solorio... OH MY HECK! I love that! Funny too, I was just telling Thimbleanna just the other day that Solorio rhymes with Oreo!

I love you too, Rae-Rae!

Monique said...

I saw those vera napkins first! LOL! I put them back and thought "Maybe Raesha will make it over here and find them!!!" SO glad you grabbed them!

Kristen Lee Briggs said...

You are amazing! How do you have time to do all this stuff! We need to get together. You need to domesticate me more. I can cook & decorate.....but everything else needs some work!