Monday, December 08, 2008

My Whirlwind Week

My head is still spinning from my whirlwind trip to Silverdale, WA last week. I am so blessed to have been able to travel home for my Grandpa's funeral. The service was wonderful and it was great to see all my relatives - even though it was bittersweet. I think the pictures say it best. Here are some of them - in completely random order cause I have ten other things to do tonight so this is a quickie:)

Heading into town:

Breakfast with my sister, my bff and her friend:

Mr. Rainier - so beautiful. It was rainy and cloudy all week except the day of the funeral. You could see Mt. Rainier so clearly. My Grandpa loved Mt. Rainier. My dad said that when they were going through Grandpa's slides before he moved into assisted living that there were about 14,000 slides and seriously 10,000 of them were of Mt. Rainier:

Little Bro - this one's for you. Apparently you and Tammy made a pact to get tattoos with each other's names in them. She held up her end of the bargain so you're next:) :

Rockin out. And yep - I'm completely sober:) With my beaner, Tammy, her sister and her sister's boyfriend.

This time we're all smiling pretty and you can please just forget you see that fat tire otherwise known as my belly. I'll have to crop that out and get copies of this for all of us - isn't this a great picture? We totally love each other so much:)

Look at my handsome Grandpa - with my Grandma and their oldest daughter, Peggy. I love old pictures so much. And isn't my Grandpa a little cutie pie!!! If I had to guess this picture is probably from about 1945ish.

At the funeral. Grandpa was in the Army Air Corp (now the Air Force) so the Honor Guard was there to play taps and fold the flag draped over Grandpa's coffin. That gets me choked up everytime.

My beaner and me. Getting a quick midnight snack at Shari's in Silverdale. Aren't her dimples the cutest!

Me and Ryalin with two of my cousins that we haven't seen in 20 years - Tanya and Dana. I always had a crush on Dana growing up - he's 6 years older than me and was the oldest boy cousin that lived in the area. He had the cutest little page boy haircut growing up. It was amazing to reconnect with them.

So that's it in a nutshell. I went from posting everyday in November, to Grandpa's funeral, to hardly posting at all. Christmas preparations are now in full swing here!!! I'm looking foward to wrapping packages and finishing up our cards...oops I mean STARTING our cards:)


iAN said...

It's times like these I wonder why I volunteered to be 10,000 miles away from everything I love for the alleged benefit of complete strangers.

happy zombie said...

Enjoyed reading about your trip home. And you went to Shari's on top of it! I danno what it is about Shari's, but I love that place! Weird, round buildings and all.

We had a peek of The Mountain the other day when it was super duper clear (it might have been the same day). Next time it's peeks, I will be be thinking of your Grandpa Terry and you.

Chad said...

As my own computer has ceased to operate, I can not post my pictures :( yours are very nice though...But didn't you have a super cool brother there thats not pictured?