Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday Girl

Today is my sweet baby's 8th birthday!!! Happy happy birthday!

A self portrait she took at Hubby's graduation over the weekend. I love it when she borrows my camera - I find lots of fun shots on it that she's taken.

This afternoon was my work Christmas party....I got my baby fix holding my co-workers ten week old baby. She was all wrapped up like a little glow bug:)


Bunny B said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl! :) And that baby you were holding looks adorable!

monique(moki) said...

E is sitting here with me and seems incredibly jealous of that baby in your arms ;)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Miss S!

LauraJ said...

happy birthday miss S!! Oh I thought that was you holding S in the second picture and I was saying my you didn't change a bit in 8 years! Ha! Merry Christmas!!

Bonnie said...

Sweet Rae:
They grow SSSSSOOOOO fast!! One minute you hold glow bugs, then their little hands starts inching out of yours, then today (24th), my "baby" (Kevin) turns 17!!!!! How does this happen?
A wonderful Christmas to your and yours,
hugs to my "Silverdale" buddy,

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Your little girl gets cuter with every picture! Happy birthday to Miss S!

iAN said...

Happy birthday, Miss S! Holy cow how time flies.