Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

So....did you know that I belong to the Parrotheads of New Mexico? That's the Jimmy Buffet fan club:) Yes, I'm a dork and a nerd and I love it:) Our club attended tonight, with about 1000 other people, a Jimmy Buffet tribute concert featuring the three guys above. It was SO much fun!! I can hardly talk and my ears are still ringing. Exactly how a good concert should leave you:) It was great to unwind for a few hours, visit with some old friends and make some new friends.
Hubby just told me my typing is too loud so I'll tell you more about it tomorrow night when he'll be gone at a movie with friends:) OHH and be extra sure to check back tomorrow cause I have something FUN to announce:)
Til then I'll leave you with a fun little game...finish these Jimmy Buffett lyrics....
1. I really do appreciate the fact you're sitting _____
2. I like mine with _____ and tomato
3. Searching for my lost shaker of _____
4. Come ___ it'll be alright
5. I wish I had a Pencil ___ _______
6. You got ____ to the left, ____ to the right and you're the only ____ in town
7. Occupational hazard being, my occupation's just not _____
How'd you do? Are you a Parrothead too?:)


Carrie said...

Hello, My Name Is Carrie and I Am a Parrothead. Tee-hee, I'm not a card carring one, cause I'm not sure of the last blank on number 6. I think it is bait, but I'm not absolutly postive. My favorite Buffet song is "Nautical Wheelers" It just makes me want to waltz around the room.

Andrea said...

This is so funny. I am a second-generation parrothead. My dad is a serious one and my first song was Pencil-thin Mustache...not a nursery song. My daughter is third generation and has been to two concerts even though she is only 2. So your little quiz: 2.lettuce 3.salt 4.Monday 5.thin mustache 6.fins, fins, bait 7.around
Wow I am a little surprised I remember them all. Glad you had fun at the concert.