Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was beautiful and sunny, with no wind until the afternoon and Miss S and I went garage sale-ing while we were doing our errands today and, boy, am I glad I did!!

I've been recently admiring vintage plaid thermoses (is that how I make that word plural?) and at the first garage sale I found one for a $1.00!! You can bet it came home with me and was just the first of many awesome purchases I made today.

The last sale we stopped at had four huge tubs of brand new yarn. The owner was a knitter but recently gave it up cause she has been too busy with other things. All the skeins were $.50 each, but she let me fill a big bag full for only $4.00!! Peaches and cream, simply soft, wool, and all sorts of others too! I'm pretty much set for yarn for a while:)

Miss S got two Furbys and a Bratz cat for a total of $.75. She was so excited to pay for them with her own money. I'm saving the best for last...check in tomorrow to see my favorite items purchased today:)


Monique said...

There were so many flippin' yard sales today! I was heading for ventanna but quite at stone bridge! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a perfect day. Love your plaids thermos. You had a much different day to us as we have had the most windy day here today. Nothing stayed on the line. Hope it brings some rain with it??