Saturday, October 01, 2011

Halloween Swapping

I'm trying to be a little more active in swapping - I find that it really helps my creativity to have a specific goal in mind. One of the groups I'm swapping with again is the Flickr Mini QT swap....every other month we swap themed mini quilts (little guys - no bigger than 12 inches square). This month's theme was Halloween. Here's a peak at the extras I included in my partners package....

And the little mini quilt I made her - it's about 8 inches square and totally darling.

And here's the goodies I received from my partner - she even included goodies for Miss S:) So sweet! And here's the quilt she made for me - holy crappola it is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen - it's all little tiny applique. Click on the picture to take a look at it bigger - there are ghosts in the quilting in the sky in metallic thread. And a little tiny spider on the fence. The thought and time and care in all the stitches is unbelievable. I'm feeling a little lacking in my quilting skills and I'm hoping she is not disappointed with the quilt I made her. I have this quilt hanging on the inside of the front door and it looks AMAZING!!!

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