Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Post That Lost Itself

I wrote up a great little post but it was lost the week that Blogger decided to take a mini vacation without telling any of us.

So - this is from about three weeks ago....

My first painted toes of the season!! Finally it's warm here in New Mexico - actually I think we skipped spring this year and went right from winter to 90 degree weather. I love these green sandals too.....though the next time I wore them to work I slipped and fell in the lobby cause the bottoms are so slick. Now I'm scared to wear them again:( But I love them - so I need to just take some sandpaper to the soles.

The whole purpose of this post was to show you the shirt I wore with those darling green sandals and jeans....

I took a $3 tshirt I bought at Target and jazzed it up - I chopped off the sleeves to make them elbow length, then used the leftover fabric to embellish the top.


LOVE it!! And it totally got me in the mood to make some new summer clothes. But I got sidetracked by the home improvement so I still have probably two weeks before I can really get sewing.

And welcome JUNE!!! My birthday month:) I'll be entering the final year of my thirties on June 19 :)

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