Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tutorial

I've known how to crochet for literally about 30 years. But I have always always always wanted to knit. I've knitted on and off since I was about 12 - I remember taking an afterschool knitting class and making a pair of slippers. I really wish I still had those slippers. Then I didn't knit anything for about 15 years. Then I knit a few scarves. Then I didn't knit anything for about 5 years. Then I decided I really really want to learn to knit. Like really well. I want to knit socks, and hats, and cute amigurami and all sorts of other stuff. My problem was I could never figure out how to hold the yarn properly. So knitting was laborious and frustrating and not fun.

One of my favorite blogs is featuring a Learn to Knit series and somehow in following this tutorial holding the yarn finally clicked for me. I think the beauty if the continental method where you hold the yarn kind of similar to how you hold it when crocheting. Now I'm excited about knitting again. I've mastered the knit stitch. Up next we have the purl stitch and then we are going to learn how to read knitting patterns. I am so excited!!

This is our first project (we learn casting off this week) - just a fun little washcloth that is perfect for practicing our stitches -

Isn't it so pretty??? It's soft, and pretty, and the stitches are consistent and it didn't take me two weeks to get this far. Nope - it only took a couple hours!!!

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