Friday, August 06, 2010

CKHS Class of 1990

I cannot even express how much fun I had at my high school reunion....holy was amazing reconnecting with old friends and spending time laughing and reminiscing. My classmates have posted about 500 pictures on Facebook already of the reunion and I can't wait to go through them ALL!!!

I didn't have the patience to put the pics in order...but just so you know Friday night my hair is curly and Saturday night my hair is straight:))

Reconnecting with my old friend Tracy:

Seriously, I'm making this face in half the reunion pics. Tammy kept teasing me all night that my Sprite was spiked:) This is me and my friend Lance - we had SO much fun in high school....he's a DJ in Tennessee now:) And we've challenged each other to long distance Beatles trivia:)

Getting down dancing....we stayed Saturday night until 1 am!!!!!

Lisa, Marcie and Raesha - we danced together and were on drill team together since junior high:

My two dearest friends - Tammy and Susan:

I tell you our reunion rocked....but it would have been mighty fun to rock out with the Itchon Klinefelters too:) With names like that they have GOT to be fun:

All dolled up and ready to head out to PARTY! Wendy at the MAC counter at Kitsap Mall is my new best friend. She did my fabulous makeup AND we ran in to her on the ferry coming home from Seattle on Sunday!!! How fun!

Tammy's raising the roof and who knows what I'm doing:) This was probably after one of the boys I went to high school told me I looked stunning:)

Another one with my funny face:

Saturday night we had a photographer and we each got to go home with this awesome class picture!! What a beautiful reminder of a fun weekend.

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Melanie said...

My 30 year reunion was this summer, and I would never have guessed it would be so much fun. I just loved seeing people again, plus we all (well most) seemed to have finally outgrown all that teenage angst! Looks like you had a great time : )