Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Ok - I'm totally hating this once a week posting thing I've been doing the last few weeks....but seriously - has anyone else's life just gotten warp speed faster? I can't believe we are almost a month into summer break for Miss S!! I barely have time to do laundry - much less post all the wonderful ideas I have swimming around in my brain.

I'm seriously toying with having a "themed" daily post - like Sacred Sunday, Mediocre Monday, Thrifty get the idea:) Would that be fun or lame??? Comments please:) I think it would help me focus more and be able to collect my thoughts easier.

I'm making today Thrifty Thursday cause I was finally able to take pics of some of my best thrifty finds. I scored these piles of goodness at Salvation Army - I totally lucked out and the ladies were just putting all this out when I walked in the total price for all of this was $10 - nice:)

Absolute yummy vintage sewing goodness.



LaurenSmash said...

i think it would be fun! do it do it! I was thinking about doing something similar to that to keep me on track!

Very Mary said...


Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

WOWzers! You hit the jackpot. I couldn't even find a zipper at my thrift store this week. Love your blog!