Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Postcard

Uncle Ian and Uncle Rick - I love these boys so is my brother and one is my brother by another mother:) Though married to my sister so I guess that would make that a little weird:) Both are currently deployed to Afghanistan and it is time to show them both a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!!!

So enter PROJECT little brain child of an idea to send them each as many postcards that we can during their deployment. They've both been deployed for a few months now so we've got some catching up to do.

Here's where you get to help -I would LOVE LOVE LOVE and be eternally grateful to you if you sent each of them a postcard with maybe a little message, a thought, a poem, a scripture or just a "Hi, thanks for your service to our country" type kind of postcard. Nothing fancy, just something to know they are thought of and loved by all of us back at home. And it will cost a whopping 28 cents to mail. I'll even mail you a packet of postcards and postcard stamps if you need some.

This is also a great project for your children's classrooms, boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, women's groups....anything you can think of. Miss S's class just finished postcards for each of them - so now I have a beautiful pile of almost 50 postcards to mail:) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother and kindred spirit
Army Public Relations whiz kid
Excels at writing and picture taking and is one hell of a funny guy
Loves: His wife, his kiddos and Princess Zelda

Terry, Ian
HHC, 43d Sustainment Brigade
Kandahar Army Airfield
APO AE 09355

My sister's hubby and one handsome hunk of a solider
Navy medic extraordinaire
Loves: My sister, his family and World of Warcraft

HM1 Hughes, Jerry R
CLR-15 FWD Charlie Surg Co
Unit 42135
FPO AP 96427-2135

PLEASE spread the word....share links to this post on your to it on Facebook, Twitter, and however you wish to just get the word out! Leave a comment when you have sent or plan on sending postcards cause that will totally make my day.


mommy2boys said...

My whole comment just got lost (boohoo)

We will definately try to do this, my boys are all about our soldiers and would love to send something to our troops

We are PROUD to be Americans and would love to send a little love to our brave boys (is there a way to send to more soldiers?)

Thank you for the opportunity and for putting a face on those who fight for our freedom.

PS My oldest was born Sept 12 2001 (the day after the attack, which probably sent e into labor) and I am more than greatful to those who serve so my boys can live in the land of the free.


mommy2boys said...

oops I guess both comments are here. Sorry

Ryalin said...

OOOH, you made me cry! We all know that is HARD to do. They will absolutely LOVE getting the mail.

Valerie said...

I am so sending Uncle Ian a postcard...

kL said...

you got it sweets!

Very Mary said...

Only if you send one to my dad!

SFC Bruce Abbott
HHC 1092nd EN BN, CoToc
FOB Sharana
APO AE 09311

TaDa said...

This is so cool.... Three postcards coming up from FL

Dapoppins said...

I just stared to follow you, so now I know I can find you again to do this!