Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been catching up on a bunch of shows on the computer and crafting my little heart out. My desire and creativity for crafting is finally returning - bit by bit. Well it hasn't really ever left but I let myself get too busy and didn't make the time to craft. My well being suffers when I don't make the time to craft as it really relaxes me and helps me feel sane.

I bought this little spiral notebook at the thrift store for .59 and fancied up the cover. It will make a darling little journal.



Ryalin said...

Love it!!

Very Mary said...

I also feel like something is missing when I'm not being creative!

Anonymous said...

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greenbeanbaby said...

i do the same thing!! i have been watching bones season 1 through 4 on my laptop while working on art :) this is a beautiful notebook you dolled up!!

hugs sweet raesha!

joven said...

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