Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ruh-Roh (said Scooby Do style)

Sweet little Maxwell went to the vet yesterday for his shots and ended up with an allergic reaction! His poor little puppy face looked like this....

Instead of this.....

Sweet baby Maxwell

After a quick visit to the emergency vet, a couple more shots to counteract the reaction and $126.00 later he was as good as new!

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Marilyn in NM said...

Poor baby! Our boston terrier, Bugsy, now gone, used to react to everything. I kept baby benedril on hand as suggested by the vet. It worked wonders. But....when it was shot reactions we definitely would take him back to the vet. They're like our kids!

Hope you had a nice weekend, it was warmer and not as windy up here in Aztec, finally!!!! :-)