Sunday, January 03, 2010


I absolutely love Ali Edwards One Little Word concept for goal setting. This year I've chosen "cleanse" as my word. It perfectly embodies everything I want for myself for this year.

I want to cleanse:
My home
My relationships
My schedule
My spirit
My body
My finances

OLW for 2010

I've spent the last three days working on cleansing my home...I have a LONG way to go but these little bits and pieces that I've started on make me extremely happy (and Hubby is happy too which is always a good thing).

Today I tackled my overflowing shoe pile. Seriously I'm a freak about shoes. I love love love them. However, I haven't cleaned out my shoes in about 9 years - I just keep buying new ones but never get rid of old ones. 75% of these shoes don't even fit me anymore since my feet grew a whole size when I was pregnant with Miss S. It was a bitch getting into the closet in the mornings with this big old mess staring straight at me every day....


But now it looks like this and this makes me extremely happy!! Nice, neat and organized, and filled with only the shoes that I love and that fit me.


And this is the pile that is going to Goodwill....


LaurenSmash said...

ahh! I got your package! You are an absolute doll! Thank you so much :D

PS tell me when syd wants to do a swap, I am ready :D

em said...

I would have loved to peek through that pile of shoes :)

You've inspired me to do something about my closet!

And .. PLEASE let me know if you get to COS. I'd love to give you a hug in person.

carrster said...

Wow! Nice work!!! I need to do a bit of cleansing in my home/work/life too! Great New Years' Resolution!

Rhonda Moon said...

Looking great. Doesn't feel good to purge your junk. I'm going to takle my house this year as well.