Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November 3

I love crafting and sewing for Christmas - I'm getting a really late start this year but that's okay. This Christmas is going to be about less "stuff" and more meaningful gifts and gifts that encourage time with loved ones.

One of the tips I love to employ throughout the year is whenever I am making something, I make an extra one and add it to the Christmas gift dresser - yes I have a dresser full of gifts, as well as about 10 small plastic bins too.....I'm also obsessed when it comes to buying things when they are a killer price, then they get stashed in one of my gift giving stashes. This year I'm committed to using a bunch of these gifts to put together little themed gifts.

I got this book on clearance at the grocery store for $1.75!!!!! I'm going to add it to a little basket with all the ingredients for one of the recipes -

Tell me some of your gift giving plans for this year.

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carrster said...

I have a gift bin too - sadly though by about April I completely forget and then remember again around this time only to find a sad selection of odds & ends. I should paw through it though and see if I can cull together something cool.