Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10

HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I am still feeling like crap....I stayed home from work yesterday....and barely made it through work today....I'm supposed to host Bunco at my house tomorrow night for my Bunco group. I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS and I totally don't want to have to cancel it. Please keep me in your prayers and send me lots of good vibes for miraculous healing in the next 24 hours:)


monique said...

What do you need help with?

Ray and Jan said...


Have you been to the doctor? If not, you probably do need to go. This has lingered on too long! Go get some meds, get in bed, and take care of yourself.

We will keep you in our prayers, sweetheart.


em said...

I'm sorry you're so unwell. I just got over a(nother) bout with Bronchitis (my 3rd since Spring) but felt pretty cruddy for a month. It's amazing how well the antibiotics helped. I'll lift you in my prayers for rapid healing. *hugs*

kl said...

sending lots of love & hugs sweetie. rest. rest. rest!

rohanknitter said...

Oh no! You've been sick way too long. : ( Praying you feel better very quickly!!

popmarta said...

Dear friend,
We are very far away (geographically), but i'm very close to you because all my thoughts and energies are with you, to wish you get well soon.
Wish you a quick recovery.
Big kiss and hug,

Marta :-)