Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wild Life

These little froggy guys were everywhere in Florida and they came out in droves once the sun went down....I kind of figure they are like the crickets we get in Albuquerque or the slugs we had in Washington....a total plague to those that live there but exciting for visitors to see:) Actually I take that back...if you think a slug is exciting that is WEIRD! The only thing exciting about slugs is pouring salt on them and watching them shrivel up. That's mean I know but I've always considered the slug almost as bad as the cockroach. YUCK!!!!

Anyhoo....back to my little froggy friend....he's about the size of a quarter and absolutely darling....

He let me catch him and hold him for a minute. It was seriously all I could do not to give this guy a little kiss right on his little tiny froggy lips.


Kristen Lee Briggs said...

You are so cute! I love little froggies, too. We have those tiny lizards here in Albuquerque. I like them, but I think I would be too scared to pick one up! They probably wouldn't do anything to me. Maybe I will try one day, if I can catch one.

Tracy said...

Are those coqui frogs? If so, I love the noise they make, although I'm sure I wouldn't if I had to listen to them all night long. They're native of Puerto Rico and they've even become a "pest" here in Hawaii but not in our area so I can still think they're cool ;)