Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Day

A fairly stress free day at work....busy....but mostly stress free.
A big kiss from Miss S when I walked in the door.
4 yards of fabric from Ikea dropped off by a friend.
3 days until we leave for Disneyworld.
Season Finales of all three CSIs.
Bunco with the girls tonight.
The handsomest hubby in the world.
And my brother is on a plane coming home from Iraq.

What more could I ask for? I'm eternally grateful for this happy happy day.


Amy said...

i so love to read a post full of happy bulletpoints! ya'll have a safe trip down to see mickey!

Bonnie said...

Bye! Have fun! I'm totally jealous!!! Hug Goofy for me!

happy zombie said...

OH HAPPY DAY! I swear I can hear a gospel choir singing from this post!

Happy everything!