Tuesday, November 18, 2008


NO, not Miss S - me:) My eyes are running, my nose is dripping and I think I have finally succumbed to my first winter cold. yuk. i think i'm drugging myself up and going to bed early.

Miss S had her school picture retakes today and I thought she looked darling:)


Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, both the kids are super snotty and coughing. I'm just hoping it passes right by me!! It's hard enough not sleeping because they're constantly up through the night. I don't want to add my own misery to it!!

Jan said...

Oh, I hope you feel better, soon. Here's a secret a long-lived friend told me - take zinc every day to avoid colds. Once when I lapsed and got a cold, she scolded me about not taking zinc. Now, I take it each day, no colds. It doesn't do anything for allergies, but, no colds.