Friday, November 07, 2008

More Lunchtime Entertainment

More Lunchtime Entertainment

Well not exactly lunchtime - this little accident happened in our front parking lot at work at about 11:30 this morning. A little grandma pulled out in front of this guy, he clipped her bumper, his brakes failed, he lost control, slammed through our sign and hit the tree. Miraculously he was unhurt other than some moderate scrapes on his neck from his seat belt. Little Grandma kept telling the policeman "I have to go - I have an appointment at 11:45." I felt bad for the poor kid that was driving - he was probably in his early twenties and seemed quite bamboozled by the whole situation. When I went back inside his mom and dad were on the way to help him. Our poor law office sign has bit the dust. About two feet behind his front tire is where it used to stand. At least all the damage is merely property damage. Grandma is just fine and the young man will be fine in a day or two.


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And yet, *I* am the one who gets ticketed for a 1 MPH roll-through-the-stop-sign-at-2-AM. Come on, grandma, maybe you should start thinking about a chauffeur.