Friday, October 13, 2006

Catching Up

Monday when I was off of work, and Miss S was off of school we went to McCall's Pumpkin Patch about an hour outside of town and had a fantastic time! Moki and her kiddos were there too, as well as several other dear friends from church. We had a fabulous day even though it was abuot 50 degrees out! We got nice and muddy and cold pretty much to the bone but enjoyed ourselves none the less:):)

T Man took this shot of me - I love it - very candid and windblown:)

My snuggly Miss S - this is what curly hair does after three hours in damp, cold and windy weather:) I knew I should have worn a hat:):)

Miss S was the only one with proper footwear - her pink thrifted galoshes which I was so excited to find! They've been in her closet for over a year and made their premiere at the pumpkin patch. I was able to just hose the mud off them when we got home. We got to chose out own pumpkins and Miss S picked out this petite little beauty and added it to the pumpkins on our porch when we got home. I made her little matching hat and scarf last winter and I think it's about time to make her a new set as the hat was a little small.

Miss S and C Bug - two precious angels!!


Amy said...

Great pictures! Your little girl is such a doll and pink is definitely her color. My little guy has been eyeing the galoshes at Target lately, I may have to break down and find a pair for him seeing as we do a lot of hosing off of things with two little boys around the house.

Hanna said...

yupp, great pictures. I've never seen a field of pumkins before I think, and never in reality. Looks like fun!

moki said...

angels? hee hee