Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Titanic...in Albuquerque?

I was so excited when I learned that the traveling exhibit of the Titanic was coming to the Museum of Natural History in Albuquerque, I LOVE the Titanic - the splendor, the beauty, the tragedy... Miss S and I took advantage of the free museum admission day for New Mexico residents in June and spent the morning at the exhibit. We both really liked it. I only had one complaint - it was TOO small!! It left me wanting MORE....so now I will definitely visit the permanent Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas. I've hemmed and hawed about visiting that one cause it's pricey but the docent at our exhibit just raved about it and said it's about 10 times bigger than the traveling exhibit. It also has a section of the actual ship as part of the exhibit - SO cool!

One of the coolest parts of it was our boarding passes - we each received a boarding pass with the name and information of an actual passenger. Miss S and I were both women traveling alone with our children and we were both second class. Then at the end all the names of those that died were listed and you had to find yourself on there to see if you lived or died. We both lived. It was a very powerful way to visit the exhibit - spending the whole time wondering if you lived or died. if you ever have a chance to visit this exhibit I would highly recommend it.

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