Wednesday, July 04, 2012

4 July 2012

Stand by the flag! on land and ocean billow;
By it your fathers stood, unmoved and true;
Living, defended; lying, from their pillow,
With their last blessing, passed it on to you.
The lines that divide us are written in water.
The love that unites us is cut deep as rock.
Thus by friendship’s ties united,
We will change the bloody past
Into golden links of union,
Blending all in love at last.
Thus beneath the one broad banner,
Flag of the true, the brave and free,
We will build anew the Union,
Fortress of our Liberty.
Bayard Advocate (Bayard, Iowa) Jun 29, 1916

Happy Independence day to the United States of America!!! I found this beautiful poem on a vintage poetry site - I'm not really one for poetry but I just loved the sentiment of this one. After almost 100 years, every single word of this poem is still true. I hope you're enjoying your holiday today with friends and loved ones.

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