Sunday, July 01, 2012

1 July 2012

Why yes, I am still here....super non-bloggy lately but still here. June was an absolute whirlwind of activity and I think it's going to take me all of July to recover. I'm going to try posting a short post every day in July to catch up on all the happenings around these parts. I have lots of pictures, projects, trips, and good stuff to share.

For today - join me again in 365 Less Things Mini Mission Monday 

Try to get rid of at least one thing a day from the following places:
Monday – On the kitchen bench or breakfast bar.
Tuesday – In or on any furniture or large appliance near your entry ways.
Wednesday – The third drawer down in any room ~ kitchen, office desk, bathroom cabinet… It is a strange phenomenon that the third drawer is often the receptacle for clutter.
Thursday – By the telephone.
Friday – The bedside table.
Saturday – A desk top.
Sunday – The coffee table.

I've got my 365 Less Things in overdrive lately - I have a personal goal of getting rid of 10 things a day for all of July instead of just 1. I'll keep track of how many things get added to the donate pile this month and post a little recap at the end of the month. 



Susan in SC said...

Great idea! Think I will join in with this as well!

colleen said...

Hi Raesha, how did you go with those mini missions. And thank you for linking to my blog.
Colleen @