Thursday, September 22, 2011


I love my little adopted hometown of Albuquerque. I pretty much consider myself a native though since I've lived here since December 1986 with only two brief stints back to Silverdale for 8 months and to Washington DC for six months.

I was reminded this morning on my drive to work some of the reasons I love Burque so much. (and you have to pronounce right - it's not Bur-key - it's Burrrrr-kay). I like to just say ABQ:)

Anyway -

- Driving to work I spied a darling coyote in an arroyo - PS this is not the actual coyote, just a random picture of a coyote:)

- I spied a cute little old man walking in sweat pants with his dress shirt tucked in to his sweatpants.

- And a police car setting the pace on a road where everyone normally goes 60-65 mph - the actual speed limit is 45 mph - we as a bunch of colelctive commuters slowed to 45 mph until Mr. Cop passed us all and then we kept pace with him at 60 mph:) Gotta love those cops - and our unity as commuters:)

Fall in New Mexico is the best too - the smell of roasting green chile in the air, chilly mornings and warm afternoons and hot air balloons every where you look. The official Balloon Fiesta starts next week and I CAN'T WAIT!!! My sista Ryalin is coming for the weekend and my brother Ian might make it down too:):) FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!

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