Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Yes, I am still a Crafter

I have been crafting little bits here and there and made several fun things for Christmas presents which I forgot to make pictures of. These are the items I've made in the last week.

I have been dying to make some crocheted softies but I am so intimidated by them!!I'm not good at reading crochet patterns at all. While we watched SVU and Psych yesterday I sat in my chair crocheting all afternoon. And look at what goodies I created!! My little softie totally turned out! This will be going to my BFF as part of her ultra late Christmas package:)

Cup of Joe

A new scarf for me - it wraps around twice then has a cute vintage button closure.

Easy peasy hat crocheted in the round - this will also be in my BFF's package for her girlfriend.

Some more shots of Miss S's 10th birthday crown. I used the great tutorial posted on Juicy Bits.

I totally want to make her one for every year now:) So cute and easy.

Miss S requested three GIR dolls from Invader Zim for her and her two besties for Christmas. We found this picture for inspiration and went to town.

I had so much fun making these!! It was really fun to recreate GIR in fabric and I am hooked on making softies now! The girls loved these!


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affectioknit said...

All super cute - especially GIR - we love GIR...