Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where did this week go???

I had my craft fair last Saturday and it turned out well....traffic was really slow mostly due to the 20 degree weather outside! Made a few sales and had a fun day:)

Miss S had her first guitar concert Wednesday night - they did great!!! She's getting a guitar from Santa this year:) Sorry about the sideways pic. I'm too lazy to fix it.

Friday night we had out awesome Ward Christmas party. I had my camera with me but didn't take any pictures.

Saturday we had Miss S's 9th birthday party!! We did a Twlight themed party and I think all the kids had a really good time. Miss S decided at the last minute that she would like Krispy Kreme donuts instead of a cake or cupcakes. Fine with me! Just less work that I have to get done. The kids devoured the donuts!

After the party I took her to go see New Moon and we both totally loved it.....we left the theater and Miss S said "I can't wait to see the next one!"

This week coming up is even busier than the last...I'm trying to get all my Christmas packages mailed but first I have to finish the Christmas cards to add to the packages. That's my number one item on my to do list for tomorow...FINISH Christmas letter and cards.


LaurenSmash said...

happy birthday miss s! We are *totally* doing a trade soon! Let me know!

carrster said...

Wow! What a busy week!

Happy Birthday, Miss S!