Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Fever and Photo Overload

Spring has sprung in Albuquerque. Just look at these lovely blossoms on one of our trees in the front yard.

I finally have a good picture of my thrifting find of the year for you...while I was in San Diego I had a chance to stop at a Salvation Army for a few minutes that was right next to our hotel. Some of you may know that I am a huge Longaberger fan...before Miss S was born I pretty much spent all my spending money with them:) Now I can only afford to get one basket every year or two as they are darn pricey (but worth every penny:)). I spied this beauty buried in a pile of cheap Easter baskets at Salvation Army. It was one of those finds where your heart skips a beat but you ever so casually saunter over to retrieve it so as not to make a scene:) The best part was the price - $2.50!!!! It's the 2001 Peony May basket with the liner and protector and probably retailed for about $75.00 if not more. Needless to say I was thrilled:) In all my years of thrifting this is the 3rd Longaberger basket that I have found.

I'm off work today - a little St Patricks Day treat from the bosses - so I spent the morning cleaning house. I can see the top of my dresser for the first time in months and my toilets are sparkly clean. I met Hubby for lunch and then made a nice leisurely trip to Hancocks and Hobby Lobby.

At Hancocks I bought this blouse pattern and this fabric to make the short sleeved version. After putting away a bunch of clothes this morning I realized I had better get busy sewing cause I have very few spring/summer shirts. If I like how this one turns out I hope to make several more.

I also bought this shirt patterm from the new Khaliah Ali line for Simplicity. I really like these and I'm anxious to see if she has any new designs for summer. I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby - it's very silky, satiny and was only $2.00 a yard. I already have brown pants and purple pants that will go perfectly with these tops when they are done.

And these fabrics just leapt into my cart while I wasn't looking - I'm not sure what they will be yet. I think I will make a bag for my best friend, Tammy, out of the coffee fabric. She is a coffee junkie.

Yesterday I received a wonderful package from Mary seems she found a magical box that just spilled forth goodies without end.

All manner of crafting goodies, ribbon, buttons, cards, a beautiful beaded blue bracelet she made, pink floral scarf, chenille rick rack, magnets...

zippers, an "R", magnet, notepads, stickers, cards made by her and cards for me to make, an AWESOME Beatles calendar (I have the perfect spot in the office for it)...

The awesomest purple bag (I have that SAME fabric in blue:)), corsage pin, headbands for Miss S, bunny ears too which Miss S has already taken off with, handmade quilted coasters...

A gorgeous and dainty pink floral apron with lace detailing, stickers and paper, blue striped scarf (in the right corner), a little stuffed birdie, and peeps - my FAVORITE Easter time confection.

And last but not least, a darling little altered notebook. The one Mary Ann made for me is open and the yellow one is one that I made for her! Great minds think alike. Thank you so much Mary Ann - these goodies are so beautiful and thoughtful. I love you!!


Rohanknitter said...

I think I would FAINT if I saw a Longaberger in a thrift shop! Great find!! The fabrics you picked out are all so pretty. That coffee one is GREAT!!!!

MaryAnn said...

I Love You! I'm so glad everything arrived safely in package #1. Yep, that's right. There's a 2nd one on its way and should be there tomorrow!

MéLisa said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of that Built by Wendy top. I haven't seen anyone make it yet. I love the fabric that you picked for it.

I will have to run by Hobby Lobby this week because I LOVE that pink & brown fabric!

Also what a fabulous package you got! My goodness!

Leslie said...

WOW!!! $2.50 for a Longaberger. I am so envious. I'm a big fan of Longaberger's too!

em said...

That was a great thrift deal!

I just love that umbrella fabric :)

And, what a wonderful, amazing package from Mary Ann. So much fun .

African Kelli said...

Seriously. A Longaberger basket at a thrift shop? I would faint too! WHAT A find!

Monique Duke Photography said...

oooh can I borrow that second pattern!??

Lucy said...

GEEZ louise, you have had some really thoughtful and beautiful swap packages!! I hope I can measure up to all this goodness :)

I love the great fabric exchange idea, how cool!