Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekly Decluttering

I know I've mentioned this blog before - 365 Less Things - but it is one of my all time favorites.  I absolutely love her weekly Mini-Missions. ONE item a day, each day of the week - how easy is that? If all you do is follow this plan you will have gotten rid of 365 things over a year without hardly any effort at all. I love it. This sweet blogger infuses her posts with lots of personal experiences, and a lot of humor and makes decluttering FUN. 

Here are this week's Mini-Missions -

Monday -  “What was I thinking when I purchased this?”
TuesdayWhat was the person thinking when they gifted me this?
Wednesday – At what point in my live did this fit/suit me?
Thursday -This drawer is going to explode if I don’t get rid of some of what is in here.
Friday – At what point did I find this attractive? (Spouses are exempt from this mission)
SaturdayWhat makes me think I need so many of these?
SundayWhat is this thing even used for?

I've already completely my Monday Mini Mission - a horribly ugly duvet cover, with matching shams and full length curtains in mustard yellow. While on it's own, not so bad - but we have creamy yellow walls in our bedroom and the mustard yellow just looked gross.  So out it goes.

If you decide to participate, please share something you decluttered this week using this list as your jumping off point:)

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