Monday, May 16, 2011

Lovely Weekend

Dang Blogger was down most of last I couldn't let you know where we were heading:) We spent the weekend in was lovely as always. This time we took all three dogs with us and that was A LOT of work. Over dinner tonight we all decided we needed to go back this summer but without the puppies:)

Our cabin at the KOA - with a gorgeous view. The weekend included a lot of sleeping, some reading, some knitting, and lots of walks to the dog park.

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Marilyn in NM said...

Did you get lots of knitting done? I was thinking of you and wondering when you passed through my little
I'd love to visit Yarn again. Haven't been up there in almost a year. I've got enough stash to keep me knitting for a few years.

Can't beat that view. We'll have to check out the KOA one of these days, too.
glad you had a good time.