Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is My Mad Face

I got a call from my sister on my way to work this morning...."Uh I think your email account has been hacked into"....why yes, yes it had. Every contact in my address book got a sob story about me and my family being stuck in Scotland and needing money to get home. I spent most of the morning fiddling around with Yahoo regaining access to my accounts and changing passwords. What really sucks is that all my contacts are gone and the entire contents of my in bin are gone. I had over 2000 emails in my in bin that were all patiently waiting for replies or some sort of other action on my part. Oh well - I've been wanting to clean out my in bin forever so now that's taken care of:) If you had emailed me recently and really were needing a reply about something please email me again.

I apologize if you were one that got an email from me this morning....I'm sure it caused some mini heart attacks across the country. I got calls, texts and Facebook messages all day making sure we really were okay and confirming that it was just a scam. It's kind of nice to know so many of you took the time to make sure I was okay:) I appreciate that:):)

This is my mad face for you stinking hackers pretending to be Raesha. I'm gonna come beat you up.

And this is an outtake of another shot while trying to get a good "mad face". It's a little more Incredible Hulk than mad.


popmarta said...

Dear friend,
I received "your" e-mail yesterday too.
I was really worried about you and your family thinking all was true and when i was about to contact you via facebook, to ask how i could help, i saw other messages and i figured out your e-mail was hacked.
So i was more calm to know you were ok, but by other side i was really mad with the terrible people that do this kind of things because none of us is safe, and it could help to anyone...
I hope you can recover your contacts and your life can return to normal soon.
I will send you my e-mail address in a facebook private message.
Big kiss,


affectioknit said...

Oh NO! I hope it all works out OK...

carrster said...

Glad to hear (see) you can have a sense of humor about it!! :)