Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's That I See?

You know it's Fall in New Mexico when you smell green chile roasting and you see hot air balloons in the air. The Balloon Fiesta every October is one of my all time favorite events....but Hubby is not a fan....he's not that into crowds. So the last several years my brother Chad has come in to town and we've spent time at the Fiesta with him. This year he surprised Miss S again - we had told her he wasn't going to make it this year. He snuck in to the house and woke her up at 5:00 a.m. the morning we went to the Fiesta.

There could not have been a more perfect day for us to have gone. There has been years when you have to dress in parkas it's been so cold but this year we only took sweatshirts. Some years the wind blows too hard and the balloons can't go up - there was barely a breeze this year so ALL the balloons got to go up.

Chad took these pictures and he is one damn good photographer.

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Jan said...

I've always wanted to be in New Mexico, during the Balloon Festival. Darn, I missed it again, maybe next year. Love your photos, great job.