Sunday, July 05, 2009

June Quilt Blocks

This was my second month participating in my new Flickr Quilt Block exchange group and again I received some absolutely gorgeous blocks! These are 12.5 inch square blocks. Won't these look great in a quilt all together?!!! So perfect:)

June 2009

And these are the three blocks I made for my partners - I hope they like them!! I'm really trying to use up some of my scraps on these and I think they turned out nice. When I look at all the blocks everyone else has made I'm totally blown away and hope that no one is disappointed with the blocks that I send them:(

June 2009

We get to post what colors we want our blocks to be - I've been sticking with "blue and green" cause I think that will make an awesome quilt for the living room. I have 6 blocks now so just a few more months and I can put my quilt together:)

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Jan said...

Too, cool. Love the blocks you received and the ones you made. Everyone is lucky.