Saturday, June 06, 2009

Feeling Crafty

A friend asked today what I've been crafting lately and the answer was "a whole lot of nothing". But I've got a month of birthdays and various celebrations ahead so I better get busy. I did just that this afternoon and made a wedding present for a reception I went to tonight:

I was inspired by THIS tutorial. Simple and quick, but a beautiful keepsake to hang in this sweet couple's first home together. Next up are some really quick and easy charm necklaces. Like really quick, like I bought some awesome big charms, and seed bead necklaces, I'll attach them with a jump ring and VOILA they will be done:) Good thing cause one is for a birthday that is today and should have been mailed to Washington already:) Good thing my friend Susan and I have been friend's since we were 3 years old....we know each other so well that as long as our birthday gifts to each other arrive in the month of June sometime that's as good as it gets:)

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