Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Cougars!!!

We had one of our best friends over for dinner a couple nights ago. Frank is a BYU fanatic....he had just gotten home from spending a few days in Provo to go to the BYU vs. UNM game and he came bearing goodies for me and Miss S - a nice little Y sticker for my car and a blue and white pom pom for Miss S. when I was younger I never had the desire to go to BYU...I've never been one to do the "typical" mormon things but now I kind of wish I had gone to school there. Frank spent one year at BYU and has spent the last several years trying to get back there to finish school and he's not even LDS. My parents both went to school at BYU and that's where I was born so I guess the connection to the Y is just in my blood:) For now Frank and I will just have to be content to wear our Cougar blues to BYU vs UNM games:)

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