Sunday, December 16, 2007


Miss S's birthday party was a smashing success! I was telling my sister tonight that Miss S made out like a bandit! She sure has some generous friends:)

Look at all the cuties in their pjs.

The girls had so much fun!! The party went a little like this:

Story time (The Mitten)
Breakfast: OJ and French Toast Sticks
Activity: eye masks (made from patterned fun foam) and a scrapbook page signed by all the girls
Activity: Nail painting

We got Miss S High School Musical 2 as one of our gifts to her so the girls watched part of that while they took turns getting their nails painted and waiting for their parents to pick them up.

I've gotten away from doing the traditional goodie bag (a bunch of stuff that ends up getting tossed anyway!!) so for the last couple years we've been giving away books as a little thank you to the guests from Miss S. I did that again this year, and I had little Hello Kitty notebooks for the older girls that came. So each guest went home with their crown, the eye mask that they made and a book or notebook. I buy the books throughout the year through Scholastic - each month they have one or two books that are on special for $1.00 so I buy several of those every few months. I'd love to hear any great ideas you have for "goodie" bags:)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see and hear that it was a success. Can't give any ideas on giveaway bags as we don't do it. We haven't had large parties for ages. We have one friend and either play ten-pin bowling or a movie and sleepover. Much easier.

Mary Ann said...

I love them all in their little jammies! In the past, I've made plain cupcakes, then each girl gets to decorate (AND TAKE HOME) a couple of cupcakes as their "prize".

Christy said...

Sounds like a great party!

I do goody bags for DS's birthday parties, but I try to avoid putting in the junky stuff. Last year I put in a ring pop and punch balloon. This year it was a fun dip, party blower and mini bottle of bubbles.

How about taking digital photos of each guest, with the birthday girl, as they arrive. Then print out the photos while the kids decorate picture frames. You could present the framed photo when they leave.

LauraJ said...

awww I wish I was 8 again!!
looks like it was a great party! way to go!!

MéLisa said...

It looks like the party was great! They all look so cute in their jammies!!! I like the idea of the picture wih the birthday girl & picture frame. If you didn't want to have them decorate them, The Dollar Tree on Wyoming has soem cute little frames.